Just A Little Thought

March 12, 2011

Today, my whole family was in Bellingham at Western Washington University for National History Day. We were there for 8, excruciatingly long hours. We went to Red Robin after the competition and were waited on by a very nice young man named Andy. He made conversation with us, asked about our fancy attire and inquired if we had a nice day. He brought out our drinks in a timely manner and made sure we were doing well through the entire meal. My dad realized, after eating half his burger, that there was a sheet of paper between the cheese and the meat. Andy took full responsibility for this and apologized immensely, promising to get my dad an entirely new meal on the house. My dad decided he’d rather have a salad, which Andy took care of right away. He brought us refills without us having to ask. This all happening while also waiting 4 other tables. My dad gave him a big tip and shook his hand on the way out. He told us that he thought Andy was a good, hard-working kid who seemed to get the short end of the stick a lot. Later that night, I went on Facebook and commented on a few things of my friend’s who goes to Western. Upon returning to my home page, I saw his face! Andy’s profile was in my “suggested friends” box, probably because I was talking to one of our mutual friends. I clicked on his profile out of curiosity and saw that he was gay. Yep. That nice, funny, considerate, respectful, hard-working young man is gay. Now one thing you should know is that my dad is pretty much homophobic. I found this so interesting; with no indication of his sexual orientation, my dad was fine with Andy- praised him, even, for his hard work. Now, had my dad known Andy was homosexual, he probably would’ve requested a different waiter. I think it’s the most remarkable thing that something as trivial as sexual orientation can elicit such different attitudes from people. Andy’s just a normal guy, just like everyone else. Look at everyone through the same colored lenses and there will be peace.


2 Responses to “Just A Little Thought”

  1. Kathi said

    Miss Natalie! I really enjoy your blogging. This is one I want to respond on. Change comes slowly, but it still comes. When I was your age (okay say it – many, many, many years ago) homosexuality was something still hidden, made fun of, and certainly not accepted. We all knew about the “roommates” the “good friends”, but it wasn’t discussed.
    I agree with you, it shouldn’t make a difference. Your generation has done a much better job of recognizing that true character counts much more than orientation. Give your dad a chance, there’s some generational beliefs, and possibly some cultaral beliefs that are hard to let go of. We are all a product of our upbringing and surroundings. Isn’t it wonderful that your upbringing allows you to see the character and not focus on the orientation?
    One thing I would like to comment on is, for some of us, the objections may be more against sexualizeded behavior exhibited in public, rather than keeping it where God intended it to be. In private. And that’s a comment for everyone, not just those with different orientation.

    • Natalie said

      Thanks, Kathi!

      And I agree with you completely. I’ll try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard not seeing love shown to all of God’s ceation. Maybe someday we’ll all come to the realizaton that God loves everyone of us and takes us the way we are.

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